Year 1

One of the concepts we have been exploring in maths this term is length. We have have learnt that we can use anything as a measuring tool as long as it is a consistent size. We have used unifix, dominoes, icy pole sticks, blocks, and textas to measure things in a room – doors, the whiteboard, our tables, Miss Richards, a tissue box, baskets, books etc. we have also tried to estimate and guess what we think the answer will be first. Yesterday we measure 4 different lengths of string that were stuck to the floor – one was straight, one was a spiral, one was curly and one was a zig zag.

Our Blue Marble

We had a great time doing lots of experiments relating to earth, temperature and weather.

The Year 1 students experimented with coding using Scratch Junior on the iPads. They experimented, found new functions, solved problems and worked together. Now they are ready for some directed problem solving and for creating their own products.

This is Zane and Sam’s effort.