At Mount Waverley Primary School we have have a whole school approach to the development and delivery of a comprehensive mathematics program designed to foster and promote the numeracy skills, understandings and strategies of all our students.

We aim to equip students with the mathematical strategies necessary for their school life and real world contexts and appreciate that mathematics is an essential and relevant part of life. The areas covered are based on the following Maths Dimensions as identified in the AusVELS Maths Domain: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. These three areas are formally reported on twice a year in accordance with department (DEECD) guidelines.

The school ensures that each class dedicates at least one hour to Mathematics every day. 

Our daily Mathematics program follows the ‘whole-part-whole’ strategy. This approach includes a warm up to promote mathematical fluency, a whole class activity, explicit teaching of concepts and understandings, and opportunities to apply knowledge to problem solving situations. Children take part in focussed teaching groups, complete independent, partner or group work and are involved in roving conferences with their teacher. Each Mathematics session is concluded with an opportunity to reflect on learning and to share successful strategies.

Through the provision of a differentiated curriculum, students work according to their abilities and specific learning needs to understand the mathematical concepts required to effectively solve real life and open ended problems through hands on tasks and investigations.

Manipulatives allow students to connect mathematical ideas to physical objects thus leading to a deeper understanding. At Mount Waverley Primary School, every classroom is extremely well resourced with high quality equipment which students use regularly to support their learning.

Technology plays a large role in our Mathematics curriculum, iPads, laptops and interactive whiteboards are used regularly as tools to support mathematics learning. Each child has access to the Mathletics program, a fun educational website that they can use both at home and at school to support their development.

Teachers reflect on their practice through interaction with their Professional Learning Team colleagues and continue on-going professional development to enhance a high level of knowledge in catering for all students