Our whole school approach to literacy assists our students in developing a life-long love of learning whilst developing Literacy skills. The daily Literacy Block incorporates two hours of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

During literacy sessions, students develop their understanding and skills through a variety of small group, whole group and individual instruction, designed to cater for specific learning needs whilst encouraging each and every student to become independent readers and writers. CAFÉ charts in each room provide focuses for reading sessions on Comprehension, Accuracy. Fluency and Expanding Vocabulary.

Our whole school approach to spelling utilises the THRASS model. It is a method that allows children to become aware of the link between phonemes (sounds) and graphemes (spelling choices). They learn that when spelling they need to convert the phonemes (sounds they hear) to spelling choices and when reading they transfer the spelling choices to the sounds they make. Each classroom has a large THRASS chart and each pair of classrooms has a set of hand held THRASS charts to give the teachers a tool for explicitly teaching the skills.

We are also committed and are committed to continuing to support staff in ongoing professional learning and the establishment of best practice in literacy.