Working with Michael Fullan – worldwide authority on educational reform

A New Pedagogies for Deep Learning and Digital Technologies Initiative School

Mount Waverley Primary School has been selected to participate in a three year project implemented by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development titled ‘New Pedagogies for Deep Learning’. This is an exciting initiative that endeavours to improve student outcomes by encouraging deeper learning by students and improved teaching strategies in all schools.

At the Melbourne Launch Day, we were welcomed by the Minister for Education, the Honorable Martin Dixon, and were privileged to be addressed by renowned educators John Hattie and Michael Fullan. Both John and Michael have spent numerous years researching learning and informing educators to best support their students.

The project describes the use of technology as an invaluable learning tool in the 21st Century as it allows students to access a wider range of information and interact with their peers locally and globally. However we were quite rightly reminded that technology alone does not enhance learning  – rather it is effective teaching that must drive the learning. The term ‘pedagogy’ refers to the teaching methodologies and strategies that are used in schools. Hattie and Fullan both believe that this must drive our planning for quality learning experiences for all of our students.  Technology obviously plays a huge role, not only in the engagement of our students, but also the opportunities to support, challenge and extend them.

Schools from all over Victoria, including some schools from Sweden and China attended the seminar, highlighting how truly global this project is. Schools from all over the world are participating in this project and some schools presented their use of technology to support student learning. It was a great opportunity to not only see the benefits for students, but also understand how we can take the information and tailor it specifically for the needs of the students of Mount Waverley Primary School.

Over the next 3 years, Mount Waverley Primary School will be spending time developing a curriculum that fosters creativity, inquiry and interest for all students in a format that caters for individual needs. Furthermore we will be investigating how technology and the proposed 1:1 program can support their learning.  We look forward to sharing our progress and successes with  our school community with this exciting project. Please keep track of our progress through the school website.