Year 5

This term Year 5 students have been investigating Earth and Space science. 5A made posters to demonstrate their understanding about the layers of the earth, phases of the moon and layers of the atmosphere. Their presentation was very effective and creative.

Have a look at their work.

Designing our own apartment in 5D

Today, Mr Low set us an open-ended challenge where we got to use the measurement skills we have been learning in class. The challenge was for us to design our own apartment which we shared with two or three other classmates. The total floor area was 60 square metres. Each group was given 20 minutes to draw a blueprint of our apartment layout on grid paper – we had to think about the length and width of each room and whether the rooms were big enough. We also had to make sure the layout was sensible and practical enough to allow the rooms to ‘flow’. Here are some pictures showing our budding architects at work…

Then we had to replicate our designs in an allocated spot on the basketball courts – measuring out the actual size of our apartment and rooms! We were given 25 minutes for this part of the challenge so there was no time to waste! Using trundle wheels, measuring tapes and rulers, we went about measuring out our space…

Finally, some groups who completed the challenge got to walk the class through their ‘showflats’…

The challenge was a fun and meaningful way to learn and apply our mathematical skills. We learnt many practical skills such as the importance of planning and being organised, and got a taste of the work that architects and builders might do in real life. We also got to play ‘House Rules’ in the process!

Over the past few weeks we have used different strategies and lessons to help us learn our Maths Concepts.

Using Dominos to match percentages to fractional images.

Drawing chalk lines on the concrete to apply scale to both lines and shapes.


Grade 5D decided to do something about the unkempt sandpit and paths leading from the oval to the SLA – we were going to make them tidier! Armed with brooms, the boys worked in teams to sweep the tanbark, sand and gravel to the sides of the paths so that they would not only look tidier, but also become safer for students to walk on.

IMG_3441 IMG_3443








The girls especially worked very well as a team to sweep up the sand that had spilled out of the sandpit, and used shovels to scoop it back into the pit. The sandpit looked so much neater after that!

5D is really proud to be able to do our part to make the school grounds neat and tidy!