Year 4

As part of our investigation unit ‘Science’, Year 4 students have participated in a range of science activities with members of the local community. Over 3 sessions with Engineers without Borders, students have critically examined water, prosthetics and constructions. With a neuroscientist from Monash University, students have explored the differences between a wet lab and other scientific laboratories. Later on in the term, classes went to Monash University to see these laboratories in action.

This term we are focusing on our bodies and how we can keep ourselves healthy. During Maths we investigated our body measurements, using different measuring tools.

We all did our bit to help clean up MWPS on Clean Up Australia Day.

It was fun to help look after the environment.  Radin

I feel good to help the environment. Aanya

It was tricky to find rubbish because our school is always so clean. Liam

I found some rotten food which was disgusting. Adhvik

I found lots of tiny pieces of rubbish and every little bit counts. Eunice

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