Year 3

3C made jelly while they were learning about procedural texts and the designed parachutes to help save their tiny teddies

In Week 3 of Term 3, our class was involved in the Terra Australis Drama Toolbox Incursion. As we entered into the Time Warp, ‘Professor Weirdo’ took us through time back into the most important parts of Australian History.
We made a ship out of our human bodies, then reenacted the First Fleet, Eureka Stockade and other historical scenes. Although we were all a bit embarrassed moving our hips in time at the beginning, we soon loosened up and laughed the whole way through!

Well done on your committed performances, 3B.
We clearly have some budding actors and actresses in our class.


Engineers Without Borders

As partDSCF2106 of our Science unit this term, we are very fortunate to have Engineers without Borders (EWB) working with us. In their first session, they talked about water and access to it throughout the world. We worked in groups that represented a country. We had a budget to purchase materials required to build a water filtration system. Richer countries were required to provide support to the third world countries. The support was in the form of money donations. We had a great time and learnt a lot.




During our second session with the engineers we explored the importance of choosing the right building materials for specific environments, and the constraints faced when building in a developing country such as on the Tonle Sap in Cambodia. We worked together in teams to build a basic floating structure using cups, rubber bands and other simple items.




The Coach Approach Program held last Wednesday allowed us the chance to be coached by five health and sporting professionals. We participated in sessions on teamwork, fitness, aerobics, nutrition and meditation and learnt to work together to achieve goals. Well done to our 3B students who were awarded prizes for good listening and leadership skills.
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