Year 2

On Friday 29th July the students of Mount Waverley Primary School took part in National Tree Planting Day. This engages all of our students in a fun, hands on activity, which reinforces their environmental knowledge, science, maths and to simply contribute in creating a beautiful school ground. The students of 2C who were paired up with 4B had an enjoyable time planting.

To celebrate Winter, 2A wrote some poetry on all the things we love to do and see during this time of the year.

Today the year 2 students took part in a tennis clinic for half an hour. They worked on skills such as, balancing the tennis ball on the racket, bouncing the tennis ball with the racket and taking part in hitting volleys over the net.

The students had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed the Tennis clinic and left wanting more!!!


Today the Year 2s learnt about healthy eating. We used a traffic light to explore how often we should eat foods. The green light was food we should eat lots of, amber was food we should only have 2-3 times per week and red is stop and think about the food – it’s only a special occasion food. We also did a blind taste test and had to guess the fruit. Everyone got it right!!!