100 daysWe have finally made it to our long anticipated 100th day of school :) Prep B have worked extremely hard and have grown so much in the last 100 days. We have learnt to read and write, to count and write numbers and to look after our own belongings. We have made great new friends and have become very good at looking after each other.

We had a brilliant day dressed up as 100 year olds, making hats and wands and celebrating with all the other prep classes at our party lunch!



Thank you to all the mums and grandmas who came to celebrate Mothers’ Day with us. We have a fantastic afternoon giving hand massages, painting nails and making bookmarks, bracelets and flower art.

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On Thursday Prep B participated in a Mad About Science incursion looking into our 5 senses. We had a fantastic time exploring sight, sound, touch and smell (we’ll explore taste later on!).

For sight we found out what it would be like to be blind. We looked through kaleidoscopes, magnifying glasses, fly eyes and special glasses which show rainbows. It was great fun looking at how each of these items change what we see.

IMG_4633 IMG_4634 IMG_4642 IMG_4643

For sound we explored vibrations.

IMG_4644 IMG_4645 IMG_4646 IMG_4647 IMG_4648

To show different textures in touch we used a variety of sand papers and placed them in order from smoothest to roughest.

Lastly we looked at smell. There are 10 different categories and we got to smell 7 of them; flowery, lemony, sweet, fruity, chemically, woody and minty. We left the bad smells out!

We had a great time making our pancakes. We read the recipe together and measured out the ingredients counting each cup, spoonful and egg! Then everyone had a turn at stirring the sticky mixture. The best bit by far was of-course, eating them! We had either lemon, sugar or jam on our pancakes. I wonder what the best pancake toppings are? Leave a comment below and tell everyone your favourite pancake topping!